45(part 1)

Sometimes during some conversations you just pour your heart out. Like there is no fear left of anyone coming to know something about you that they shouldn’t be knowing. It happens when you just don’t care anymore about anything but what exactly you want. When no one is able to understand you and gives up on you. When nobody doesn’t even want to know and you just get so fed up of shouting at the top of your lungs and telling exactly what you want but everyone just keeps on coming up with their own theories. That’s the time when you just say what you wanna say and don’t even care if anyone is listening or not but there is something about that last effort of yours that forces the other person to just listen. This has happened with me quite a few times and this Monday it happened yet again and I just said what I wanted without caring if the person understood me.


5 thoughts on “45(part 1)”

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