45(part 2)

I asked my mother if she ever understands a single word that I say and she replied that she doesn’t understand have the things I say. Then I asked”do you feel the change in the air when a weather changes, like how there is a different smell of freshness in the air with the change of every season, how Sun rays fall on face leaving an everlasting warmth and how sometimes cool and sometimes warm breeze touches our body in such a way as if trying to convey some message to us.” She said she feels none of that. Then I told her that I feel all of these things. She stayed quiet. I asked what if a magic broom like Harry potter was given to you and 2 choices were were in front of you : 1) to stay here. 2) to disappear forever from the world where humans couldn’t see her and she could fly in the sky during night near moon and stars. She chose the 2 nd option.       To be continued…..


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