I am just so fed up of forgetting that we shouldn’t expect anything from anyone. I am fed up of forgetting that being strong is the only option left. Sometimes by forgetting these things we play with our own emotions and end up getting hurt. We add another wound to our heart that is already well adorned with multiple number of wounds. It’s like mathematics for me. Even if I succeed once in learning a formula it is bound to vanish from my confused brain. I just don’t learn. We always try to find some people or a person in life who will be there no matter what. Some of us succeed some don’t. Why don’t we become that person for ourselves. Let others do what they want to. Sometimes when world is not enough but those few people or a person is. sometimes when we think that this is where peace lies and that turns out to be the most chaotic place that’s the time when we can hear our heart breaking into a million pieces. But most frustrating thing is that we cannot do anything about it because we have to be strong no matter what the situation is. It’s better that we become our own world. I want to be my own world.


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